Boreal Housing Foundation

Housing Options

Senior Independent Living

Senior independent living is a subsidized program for seniors that can live independently or with the help of some of the available community services. Our senior independent units provide housing for seniors that are independent however have some convenient amenities like security and access to laundry services. 

Senior Supportive Living

Senior supportive living is in a facility where services are provided for the seniors. These services include home cooked meals, housekeeping, laundry, recreation, medication assistance, and personal care as required. The type of care for each individual depends on the level of care the individual requires.

Affordable Housing Program

Affordable housing program is a program where the tenant pays a set amount dependent on the number of bedrooms in the house. The tenant pays all utilities including gas, power and water. This is a new program and will be expanded in the near future. 

Low Income Housing

Low income housing provides options for community members who qualify for housing assistance based on their annual income. The 2 program providing the assistance are,  the Alberta Community Housing Program and the Alberta Rural and Native Housing Program.